The Properties of Titanium and Its Alloys

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  • Journal: Zbornik Veleučilišta u Karlovcu, volume 2, issue 1 (issn: 1848-3038)
  • Subject: titan; legure titana | titanium; titanium alloys

Titanium metal is silver-grey color and high gloss, the ninth element of the abundance in the Earth’s crust, and can be found in meteorites. It has a low electrical conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Since titanium has a great passivity, its physical property is a high level of corrosion resistance to most mineral acids and chlorides. It has mechanical properties such as steel, has a high melting temperature and is light. Since it is highly resistant to corrosion it is applied in the manufacture of propeller shafts and other ship parts that are exposed to seawater. It is non-toxic, nonmagnetic and antiallergenic, biologically compatible with human tissue and bone, which makes it an ideal material for medical implant products. Titanium, together with metals aluminium, chromium, iron, molybdenum, tin, vanadium, zinc and other, forms various alloys of physical, chemical, structural and specific properties of different hardness, strength, toughness, corrosion-resistance, oxidation and other necessary requirements.
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