A model driven framework for geographic knowledge discovery

Conference object English OPEN
Glorio, Octavio ; Zubcoff Vallejo, José Jacobo ; Trujillo Mondéjar, Juan Carlos (2009)
  • Publisher: IEEE
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1109/GEOINFORMATICS.2009.5293412
  • Subject: Data mining | Extracting information | Geographic information systems | Geographic knowledge discovery | Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos

Geographic knowledge discovery (GKD) is the process of extracting information and knowledge from massive georeferenced databases. Usually the process is accomplished by two different systems, the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the data mining engines. However, the development of those systems is a complex task due to it does not follow a systematic, integrated and standard methodology. To overcome these pitfalls, in this paper, we propose a modeling framework that addresses the development of the different parts of a multilayer GKD process. The main advantages of our framework are that: (i) it reduces the design effort, (ii) it improves quality systems obtained, (iii) it is independent of platforms, (iv) it facilitates the use of data mining techniques on geo-referenced data, and finally, (v) it ameliorates the communication between different users. This work has been partially supported by the ESPIA project (TIN2007-67078) from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and by the QUASIMODO project (PAC08-0157-0668) from the Castilla-La Mancha Ministry of Education and Science (Spain). Octavio Glorio is funded by the University of Alicante under the 11th Latin American grant program.
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