Robustness of average Stokes polarimetry characterization of digitally addressed parallel-aligned LCoS displays

Conference object English OPEN
Martínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Márquez Ruiz, Andrés; Gallego Rico, Sergi; Ortuño Sánchez, Manuel; Francés Monllor, Jorge; Beléndez Vázquez, Augusto; Pascual Villalobos, Inmaculada;
  • Publisher: International Commission for Optics (ICO)
  • Subject: Liquid crystal on silicon displays | Parallel aligned | Retardance measurement | Phase-only modulation | Spatial light modulation | Flicker | Diffractive optics | Stokes polarimetry | Óptica | Física Aplicada

Parallel-aligned liquid crystal on silicon (PA-LCoS) displays have become the most attractive spatial light modulator device for a wide range of applications, due to their superior resolution and light efficiency, added to their phase-only capability. Recently we propos... View more
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