Characterization of single nucleotide polymorphism in Tunisian grapevine genome and their potential for population genetics and evolutionary studies

Other literature type OPEN
Riahi, L. ; Zoghlami, N. ; Fournier-Level, A. ; Dereeper, Alexis ; Le Cunff, L. ; Laucou, V. ; Mliki, A. ; This, P. (2013)
  • Subject: Genetic relationships | Haplotype diversity | Single nucleotide | polymorphism | Tunisia | Vitis vinifera L.

In this study, two gene fragments corresponding to the VvMYBA1 and VvMYBA2 loci were sequenced on a sample of grapes including cultivated and wild accessions originating from Tunisia, Germany and France. A total of 42 SNPs were detected in the sequenced fragments giving... View more
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