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Phase equilibria, crystal structure and oxygen content of intermediate phases in the Y–Ba–Co–O system

Vladimir A. Cherepanov; E.A. Kiselev; A.S. Urusova; L. Ya. Gavrilova; T.V. Aksenova;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jun 2013
  • Publisher: Elsevier BV
  • Country: Russian Federation
The phase equilibria in the Y–Ba–Co–O system were systematically studied at 1373 K in air. The intermediate phases formed in the Y–Ba–Co–O system at 1373 K in air were: YBaCo₂O5+δ, YBaCo₄O₇ and BaCo1–yYyO3–δ (0.09≤y≤0.42). It was shown that YBaCo₂O5+δ possesses tetragonal structure with the 3aₚ×3aₚ×2aₚ superstructure (sp. gr. P4/mmm). High-temperature X-ray diffraction analysis of the YBaCo₂O5+δ in the temperature range from 298 K up to 1073 K under Po₂=0.21 atm has not shown any phase transformations. The value of oxygen content for the YBaCo₂O5+δ at room temperature was estimated as 5.40 and at 1323 K it was equal to 5.04. Thermal expansion of sample shows a l...
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