Performance of a LiBr water absorption chiller operating with plate heat exchangers

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Vega Blázquez, Mercedes de ; Almendros Ibáñez, José Antonio ; Ruiz, G. (2006)

This paper studies the performance of a lithium bromide water absorption chiller operating with plate heat exchangers (PHE). The overall heat transfer coefficients in the desorber, the condenser and the solution heat recoverer are calculated using the correlations provided in the literature for evaporation, condensation and liquid to liquid heat transfer in PHEs. The variable parameters are the external driving temperatures. In the desorber, the inlet temperature of the hot fluid ranges from 75°C to 105°C. In the condenser and the absorber, the inlet temperature of the cooling water goes from 20°C to 40°C. The coefficient of performance (COP) obtained ranges from 0.5 to 0.8 for cooling duties ranging from 2 kW to 12 kW. The chiller response to different hot fluid temperatures and circulated mass flow rates is also presented. The performance and the internal parameters of the chiller at part load are, therefore, calculated. A higher efficiency results when the solution pumped from the absorber to the desorber decreases. The heat transfer analysis of the PHEs is also presented. The overall heat transfer coefficient in the desorber, equal to 790 W/m²K at the design conditions, is also analysed at part load. The condenser performance can be represented by a similar relationship found in conventional air cooled condensers This work was partially funded by CICYT Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (CLIMABCAR project no. DPI 2003-01567) Publicado
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