Why do you ask all those questions? Supporting client profiling in financial service encounters

Conference object English OPEN
Kilic, Mehmet ; Dolata, Mateusz ; Schwabe, Gerhard (2017)
  • Publisher: s.n.
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5167/uzh-129556
  • Subject: Department of Informatics | 000 Computer science, knowledge & systems

Client data is key to provide personalized services and products. Therefore, banks go through great efforts to profile their clients during financial advisory service en- counters. Since traditional pen-and-paper profiling does not satisfy the banks’ needs, they strive to digitalize this activity. This paper offers joint profiling as a so- lution: The advisor and the client jointly create a cli- ent’s profile using a shared display. However, test cli- ents provided a mixed response to a first joint profiling prototype. They wondered, why the bank needs all this information. In a second iteration, joint profiling was augmented by task awareness, i.e., linking all profiled information to the client's goal. This task aware joint profiling was far better accepted by the clients. This paper offers research insights on the role of profil- ing in face-to-face advisory service encounters, on its acceptance by the clients, and on design principles for digital profiling in financial service encounters.
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