Robustness and prediction accuracy of machine learning for objective visual quality assessment

Conference object English OPEN
  • Subject: machine learning | neural networks | SSIM | image quality assessment | Intelligent Content & Communications | Signal processing

PUBLISHED Lisbon, Portugal Machine Learning (ML) is a powerful tool to support the development of objective visual quality assessment metrics, serving as a substitute model for the perceptual mechanisms acting in visual quality appreciation. Nevertheless, the reli- ability of ML-based techniques within objective quality as- sessment metrics is often questioned. In this study, the ro- bustness of ML in supporting objective quality assessment is investigated, specifically when the feature set adopted for prediction is suboptimal. A Principal Component Regres- sion based algorithm and a Feed Forward Neural Network are compared when pooling the Structural Similarity Index (SSIM) features perturbed with noise. The neural network adapts better with noise and intrinsically favours features ac- cording to their salient content.
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