publication . Thesis . Article . 2011

Radial oxygen gradients over rat cortex arterioles.

Michael Galler; Stefan Moritz; Gregor Liebsch; Chris Woertgen; Alexander Brawanski; Jan Warnat;
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  • Published: 06 May 2011
  • Country: Germany
Purpose We present the results of the visualisation of radial oxygen gradients in rats’ cortices and their potential use in neurocritical management. Methods PO2 maps of the cortex of ten sedated, intubated and controlled ventilated Wistar rats were obtained with a camera (SensiMOD, PCO, Kelheim, Germany). Those pictures were analysed and edited by a custom-made software. A virtual matrix, designed to evaluate the cortical O2 partial pressure, was placed vertically to the artery under investigation, and afterwards multiple regions of interest were measured (width 10 pixels, length 15–50 pixels). The results showed a map of the cerebral oxygenation, which allowed...
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26 references, page 1 of 2
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publication . Thesis . Article . 2011

Radial oxygen gradients over rat cortex arterioles.

Michael Galler; Stefan Moritz; Gregor Liebsch; Chris Woertgen; Alexander Brawanski; Jan Warnat;