Analogy of the Coordination Chemistry of Alkaline Earth Metal and Lanthanide Ln²⁺ Ions: The Isostructural Zoo of Mixed Metal Cages [IM(OtBu)₄{Li(thf)}₄(OH)] (M=Ca, Sr, Ba, Eu), [MM′₆(OPh)₈(thf)₆] (M=Ca, Sr, Ba, Sm, Eu, M′=Li, Na), and their Derivatives with 1,2-Dimethoxyethane

Article English OPEN
Maudez, William; Meuwly, Markus; Fromm, Katharina M.;

As previously shown, alkali and alkaline earth metal iodides in nonaqueous, aprotic solvents behave like transition metal halides, forming <i>cis</i>- and <i>trans</i>-dihalides with various neutral O-donor ligands. These compounds can be used as precursors for the synt... View more
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