No improvement of survival with reduced- versus high-intensity conditioning for allogeneic stem cell transplants in Ewing tumor patients

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Thiel, U.; Wawer, A.; Wolf, P.; Badoglio, M.; Santucci, A.; Klingebiel, T.; Basu, O.; Borkhardt, A.; Laws, H.-J; Kodera, Y.; Yoshimi, A.; Peters, C.; Ladenstein, R.; Pession, A.; Prete, A.; Urban, E.-C; Schwinger, W.; Bordigoni, P.; Salmon, A.; Diaz, M. A.; Afanasyev, B.; Lisukov, I.; Morozova, E.; Toren, A.; Bielorai, B.; Korsakas, J.; Fagioli, F.; Caselli, D.; Ehninger, G.; Gruhn, B.; ... view all 61 authors

Background: Outcomes of Ewing tumor (ET) patients treated with allogeneic stem cell transplantation (allo-SCT) were compared regarding the use of reduced-intensity conditioning (RIC) and high-intensity conditioning (HIC) regimens as well as human leukocyte antigen (HLA)... View more
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