Messungen der fest-flüssig Grenzflächenenergie in ternären Systemen

Doctoral thesis German OPEN
Bulla, Annemarie Karin (2012)
  • Publisher: Gießerei-Institut der RWTH Aachen
  • Subject: Grenzflächenenergie | Grenzflächenreaktion | Legierung | Thermodynamik | Ingenieurwissenschaften | Grenzflächenreaktionen | Legierungen | interface energy | interface reactions | alloys | thermodynamic
    • ddc: ddc:620

The main objective of this work is to point out a methodology to determine the solid-liquid interface energy sigmaSL in ternary alloy systems, mainly the Al-Cu-Ag system, and to present the results of these experiments. The solid-liquid interface energy is of major impo... View more
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