Umweltgeochemische Charakterisierung der niedermolekularen organischen Fracht des Flußsystems Lippe

Doctoral thesis German OPEN
Dsikowitzky, Larissa;
  • Publisher: Publikationsserver der RWTH Aachen University
  • Subject: Lippe <Fluss> | Schadstoffbelastung | Niedermolekulare Verbindungen | Organische Verbindungen | Umweltgeochemie | Geowissenschaften | GC-MS | Screening Untersuchungen | niedermolekulare organische Verbindungen | organische Schadstoffe | Flußsysteme
    • ddc: ddc:550

Rivers are a sensitive and complex ecosystem hosting a diverse spectrum of organisms. Human activities have resulted in increasing river pollution due to input of organic contaminants into the river systems (anthropogenic input). The main emphasis of the present study i... View more
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