publication . Doctoral thesis . 2010

Interaktion von Abbauprozessen, Verformung und Transportprozessen in Siedlungsabfalldeponien

Bente, Sonja;
Open Access English
  • Published: 27 Oct 2010
  • Country: Germany
In this thesis a model for the complex interactions between deformation, degradation and transport processe in municipal solid waste landfills is presented. Key aspects of the model are a joint continuum mechanical framework and a monolithic solution of the governing equations within the Theory of Porous Media. Interactions are considered by coupling the governing physical fields over the domain of a representative elementary volume via selected state variables. A simplified two-stage degradation model describes anaerobic biological processes. Heat generation from exothermic reactions is considered. Transport of the leachate and the landfill gas are described by...
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159 references, page 1 of 11
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