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Application of isothermal microcalorimetry to physicochemical characterization of molecular interactions in pharmaceutical formulations

Schicke, Burkhard;
Open Access German
  • Published: 04 Nov 2010
  • Country: Germany
The isothermal microcalorimetry (IMC) enables detection of heat flow in the microwatt range. The advantage and information value of this method were tested with the following physicochemical processes: hydration of diclofenac sodium (DfNa) to a tetrahydrate at different temperatures and relative humidities, compatibility testing of DfNa and amphiphilic starch at 100% rH and temperatures up to 313 K, crystallization behavior of different triglyceride-phospholipid mixtures and lipid nanoparticles derived from them, influence of emulsifier concentration (macrogol 15 hydroxystearate) on the crystallization behavior of lipid nanoparticles, adsorption of bovine serum ...
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