publication . Doctoral thesis . 2010

Direct and indirect effects of fungi and oomycetes on leaf litter degradation by freshwater macroinvertebrates

Aßmann, Christine;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2010
  • Country: Germany
The decomposition processes in lakes are documented in few reports only, and it is therefore important to improve our understanding of the process of leaf conditioning and its effects on the benthic community in lakes. In the present thesis I investigated how the identity of microbial colonisers affects the consumption by macroinvertebrates organisms were examined. For the studies presented here the shredder Gammarus roeselii and small-particle-feeder Limnomysis benedeni, a recent invader of Lake Constance were chosen because of their numerical importance in the littoral benthic community of Lake Constance. Here two experiments were performed, in which alder lea...
Medical Subject Headings: food and beverages
free text keywords: Pilze, Oomyceten, Laubzerkleinerer, Futterwahl, Dekomposition, Gammarus, Gammarus roeselii, Amphipode, invasive Art, Limnomysis benedeni, Fungi, oomycetes, leaf shredder, food selection, decomposition, amphipod, invasive species, Bachflohkrebs [gnd], Gattung [gnd], Gammarus roeselii [gnd], Aquatische Pilze [gnd], Dekomposition [gnd], Laubblatt [gnd], ddc:500
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51 references, page 1 of 4
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