Interactions of nanoparticles and surfaces

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Merkt, Florian;
  • Subject: Flugzeitmessung | bekappte Kolloide | Rotation | particle detachment | detachment thresholds | particle velocities | capped colloids | rotation | Teilchen [gnd] | Wechselwirkung [gnd] | Halbleiteroberfläche [gnd] | Festkörperoberfläche [gnd] | Ablösung [gnd] | 47.57.-s [pacs] | 47.57.J- [pacs] | 64.70.pv [pacs]
    • ddc: ddc:530

The adhesion forces of micro- to nanoscopic particles on surfaces are the main topic of this dissertation. As a model system, the contact between colloidal particles and smooth silicon and glass substrates are investigated. To achieve information about their adhesion fo... View more
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