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Publication . 2009

Large-scale Comparative Sentiment Analysis of News Articles

Wanner, Franz; Rohrdantz, Christian; Mansmann, Florian; Stoffel, Andreas; Oelke, Daniela; Krstajic, Milos; Keim, Daniel; +3 Authors
Open Access   English  
Published: 01 Jan 2009
Country: Germany
Online media offers great possibilities to retrieve more news items than ever. In contrast to these technical developments, human capabilities to read all these news items have not increased likewise. To bridge this gap, this poster presents a visual analytics tool for conducting semi-automatic sentiment analysis of large news feeds. The tool retrieves and analyzes the news of two categories (Terrorist Attack and Natural Disasters) and news which belong to both categories of the Europe Media Monitor (EMM) with respect to positive and negative opinion words. While this happens automatically, the more demanding news analysis of finding trends, spotting peculiarities and putting events into context is left to the human expert.
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Dewey Decimal Classification: ddc:004

ACM Computing Classification System: InformationSystems_INFORMATIONSTORAGEANDRETRIEVAL

[1] M. Atkinson and E. Van der Goot. Near Real Time Information Mining in Mulitlingual News. In Proceedings of the 18th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW'2009), pages 1153-1154, 2009.

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