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Publication . Review . 2022

Book Review: Indigenous Efflorescence : Beyond revitalisation in Sápmi and Ainu Mosir

Parfa Koskinen, Katarina;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2022
Publisher: Umeå universitet, Pedagogiska institutionen
Country: Sweden

This is a book review of an anthropological anthology, Indigenous Efflorescence. Beyond revitalisation in Sápmi and Ainu Mosiredited by Gerhard Roche, Hiroshi Maruyama and Åsa Virdi Kråik (2018). The volume acknowledge ongoing efforts around the globe to revitalise languages and cultures, defining Indigenous efflorescence as a slow revolution occurring almost unnoticeably. Examples from two Indigenous peoples are provided, Sámi and Ainu, giving voice to thirty contributors who describe contexts and practices of 'Indigenous efflorescence' in a broad variety of settings. The review focusses on the merits of the concept of Indigenous efflorescence with a special emphasis on three of the chapters where digital contexts are provided. (Indigenous) efflorescence is an interesting theoretical concept to investigate in relation to theory and practice in remote teaching, online learning, and distance education for K-12 schools as it stresses the aim with any educational practice, which is the growth and flourishing of those involved. It also offers leverage against simplistic narratives of both decline and progress. This volume does what it sets out to do: offer hope and stimulate projects for supporting Indigenous efflorescence.


Indigenous, efflorescence, book review, Pedagogy, Pedagogik

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