Status of Interracial Marriage in the United States: A Qualitative Analysis of Interracial Spouse Perceptions

Article OPEN
Richard Lewis (2014)
  • Journal: International Journal of Social Science Studies, volume 2, issue 1 January, pages 16-25
  • Subject: assimilation, culture, differential assimilation, interracial marriage, racial discrimination, racial prejudice, social acceptance
    • jel: jel:R00 | jel:Z0

This article investigates the major issues facing interracial marriage from the perspective of individuals currently in these unions. Differential assimilation is used as a conceptual model to focus this exploration. The research methodology employs a qualitative approach based on open-ended questions embedded in a larger survey questionnaire administered to a national non-random sample of interracially married individuals in 2007. The findings were examined for three issue areas; social acceptance of interracial marriages, negative perceptions within society of interracial unions, and perceived differential treatment of interracial marriages. Responses from individuals in black/white marriages tended to show that these unions have more difficulty in society in comparison to those without a black spouse.
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