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Rahmah Ismaila and Doris Padmini Selvaratnamb (1999)
  • Subject: IIUM Journal of Economics and Managemen
    • jel: jel:H51 | jel:H52 | jel:H54 | jel:J24 | jel:O15

Human capital is vital for the development of a country. Investment in human capital ranges from basic needs expenditure to education and health provision. Economic growth is often used to measure the progress and development of a country. Today other indicators are used to emphasize physical quality of life, for example, education, health and basic needs provision. Using a simultaneous equation model, this paper estimates the relationship between economic growth and human capital variables including education, health and expenditure to enhance human capital possession. The paper aims to prove that economic growth and human capital variables are inter-related. The findings of this study can be used to generate concrete policy reform suggestions and also as a possible example for other developing countries.
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