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Industrialisation, Trade Policy and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Asia

Peter Warr;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2003
Over recent decades, most of the developing economies of Asia achieved reductions in absolute poverty incidence, but these reductions varied greatly in size. Differences in the rate of aggregate economic growth explain part, but not all of these differences. One factor that would be important is the sectoral composition of the growth. This paper examines the relationship between poverty reduction outcomes and the rate of growth in the agricultural, industrial and services sectors. It assembles available data on the headcount measure of poverty incidence in East Asia (Taiwan), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines) and South Asia (Indi...
free text keywords: Poverty incidence; economic growth; industrial policy., jel:D31

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0303 PETER WARR. 'Industrialisation. Trade Policy and Poveny Reduction: Evidence from Asia'

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