publication . Preprint . 2008

Internal preference mapping of cured ham with consumer's segmentation in Spain

Resano, H.; Sanjuan, Ana Isabel;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2008
The overall acceptability of 202 consumers has been analysed by ANOVA, multiple means comparison, cluster analysis and internal preference mapping (MDPREF). Three clusters are found with different preference criteria. These clusters can also be characterized according to actual purchase behaviour, declared consumption habits and sociodemographic characteristics. This study demonstrates the importance for the agro-food industry of examining consumers’ individual preferences as well as average ones, to obtain relevant information including not only the consumers’ preference trends, but also the most suitable segment to target a new product. In this way, the MDPREF...
free text keywords: internal preference mapping, acceptability, cluster analysis, Demand and Price Analysis,

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