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PAPUC, Mihai ; SMEDESCU, Ion (2012)
  • Journal: Holistic Marketing Management, volume 2, issue 1 5, pages 12-15
  • Subject: management, marketing, management marketing, marketing management, managerial marketing
    • jel: jel:M31

In the last decenniums, economic literature has debated more and more vividly a new concept Management Marketing1. The rightful understanding of this compound noun has to take in consideration the complex content of the two sciences, the way in which their conceptual defining, methods and specific instruments appear in the common relation generated by processes and connections through which the companys activities are organically integrated in its economical and social environment. The present paper brings into discussion some points of view that could contribute to the conceptual understanding of the notions of Management Marketing and Marketing Management, but also brings some information concerning other expressions linked to these two notions, namely: management of marketing activities (or Management of marketing), marketing of management, managerial marketing or even marketing of marketing.
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