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La influencia de la cultura sobre la búsqueda de información. El caso de la vivienda para 'turismo residencial' en la Costa Blanca.

Andreas Kanther; Francisco José Sarabia Sánchez; José Francisco Parra Azor;
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  • Published: 01 Apr 2008
The influence of culture in the buying decision process is analyzed by focusing on the information seeking behaviour for a product representing a complex decision making. The literature proves the importance of culture for the decision process while there are hardly any studies available for the real-estate sector. Using a cultural specific approach, the influence of culture (represented by the dimensions of horizontal and vertical individualism and collectivism, risk aversion, and future time perspective) on information seeking behaviour (importance of information sources, information search effort, cognitive effort and perceived risk) is analyzed. The study, w...
free text keywords: Marketing Inmobiliario, Comportamiento del consumidor cross-cultural, Estudio Intercultural, Vivienda, Turismo Residencial, Cultura, Búsqueda de Información, Proceso de Toma de Decisiones. Real-estate marketing, Cross-cultural consumer behaviour, Intercultural study, Residential tourism, Culture, Information seeking, Decision making process.
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18 references, page 1 of 2
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