Managing Risks in Dry Port Operations

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Ciortescu Cezar-Gabriel ; Pãvãla?cu Narcis Sebastian (2012)
  • Journal: Ovidius University Annals, Economic Sciences Series, volume XII, issue 1 May, pages 851-855
  • Subject: dry port, freight containers, risk management.
    • jel: jel:D81 | jel:L92 | jel:R40

The purpose of this paper is to have an in-depth look into the phenomenon of risk assessment and risk management strategies in managing dry port operations as an integrated part into international containerized freight trade. The fact that world crises take the form of disruptions, bankruptcies, breakdowns, macroeconomic and political changes, and disasters leads to higher risks and makes risk management more and more difficult. This paper aims to discuss the theory behind the dry port concept and to explore the possibility of improving its management by increasing its economic performance by correlating it with new policies regarding risk strategies. The research provides managers with a direction for choosing risk management strategies based on the global supply chain environment. This study provides insights into the applicability of risk management strategies with respect to environmental conditions and it may also draw new directions for policy makers.
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