Understanding Local Regulation of Fracking: A Spatial Econometric Approach

Article OPEN
Walsh, Patrick J. ; Bird, Stephen ; Heintzelman, Martin D. (2015)
  • Subject: fracking, local policy analysis, spatial econometrics, survival analysis, Community/Rural/Urban Development, Land Economics/Use, Political Economy, Resource /Energy Economics and Policy,

Fracking is a controversial practice but is thriving in many areas. We combine a comprehensive data set on local bans and moratoria in the state of New York with local-level census data and spatial characteristics in a spatial econometric analysis of local fracking policies. Some factors, including location in the Utica shale, pro-portion of registered Democrats, and education level, increase the probability of restrictions on fracking. Extent of local land development, location in highly productive petroleum areas, and number of extant oil and gas wells are among factors that have a negative impact on the likelihood of a ban or moratorium.
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