Electronıc Document Management System in the Turkısh Publıc Sector and Recommendatıons

Article OPEN
ABACI, Kenan (2015)
  • Journal: Российский Академический Журнал // The Russian Academic Journal, volume 31, issue 1
  • Subject: ; Electronic document management system, e-signature, Document.

In a world of acceleration of alteration, where management mentality of the society is basing on necessitates of globalization andinformation, a need of changes came forward in public management systems, the alteration from industrial society to informationsociety has been made public management information systems quite important. Taking into account the necessity of providingpublic services in the best way, using information technologies is the best way for understanding a new public management.In this context the public sector has been transitioned into electronic document managemen system during the e-state (electronicgoverment service) period, seems itself of the difficulties to be overcome of make efficiency, reliability and permanency of this system.This study evaluated what the electronic document management system, using in the public sector of Turkey, is and gives therecommendations for overcoming current difficulties.
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