Working time, health and safety a research synthesis paper

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Tucker, Philip; Folkard, Simon;
  • Subject: hours of work, flexible hours of work, arrangement of working time, occupational health, occupational safety, fatigue, developed countries, developing countries, durée du travail, horaire de travail variable, aménagement du temps de travail, santé au travail, sécurité du travail, fatigue, pays développés, pays en développement, horas de trabajo, horario de trabajo variable, ordenamiento del tiempo de trabajo, salud en el trabajo, seguridad en el trabajo, fatiga, países desarrollados, países en desarrollo

Outlines contemporary trends, developments and effects with regard to different aspects of working time, such as hours of work and work schedules. Examines the impact of modern working time arrangements on workers' health, well-being and workplace safety. Argues that wh... View more
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