Due to extreme personal significance of the choice of educational path, personal contacts in the communications regarding the educational services have a very big importance. The fact that the level and quality of education can be a long time to determine the identity card of a particular social group significantly raises the importance of methods of "public relations". However, in the field of education the state is to perform very specific functions that are essentially unattainable by other entities in need of a scale. It is the creation, maintenance and strengthening of decent public opinion ("public relations"), a positive image of social institutions of education, including both the public and employers in the community.

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Zotov, Viktor;
  • Journal: Marketing MBA.Marketing management firms., volume 2, issue 6
  • Subject: Public relations activities, The formation of the image, Reputation of educational institutions, Maintaining the image. Creation of fame. Educational programs. The effectiveness of an educational institution, Public organizations, Association, Develop an action plan, Evaluation of the results.
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    acm: ComputingMilieux_MISCELLANEOUS

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