One interpretation of the low economic growth in Mexico

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Isaac, Sánchez Juárez (2011)
  • Subject: Mexico, stagnation, manufactures
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Since 1982 the Mexican economy was characterized by the presence of low economic growth rates, this situation has caused a severe reduction in employment and thus the welfare of the Mexican population. Following a kaldorian’s framework of development we assume that the process of stagnation suffered by México, especially in recent years is explained by the lack of dynamism in the domestic manufacturing sector. The latter is attributed mainly to the current economic model, implemented in the late eighties, and its associated policies. If not corrected the current economic policy and implemented a strategic industrial policy, the economy will continue to be subject to a structural stagnation and recurrent crisis. The solution is to change the economic model, recognizing the importance of efficient markets and the state to promote economic growth and employment.
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