Profits and balance sheet developments at U.S. commercial banks in 2009

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Seung Jung Lee; Jonathan D. Rose;
  • Subject: Banks and banking ; Profit ; Bank profits

Reviews recent developments in the balance sheets and in the profitability of U.S. commercial banks. The article discusses how developments in the U.S. banking industry in 2009 and early 2010 were related to changes in financial markets and in the broader economy.
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    22. Selected domestic liabilities at banks as a proportion of their total domestic liabilities, 1990-2009

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    3. Exposure of U.S. banks to selected economies at year-end relative to tier 1 capital, 1998−2009 2. The non-G-10 developed countries include Australia, Austria, Denmark, 3. The selected European Union (EU) countries consist of Greece, Ireland,

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