Interest Alignment and Competitive Advantage

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Gottschalg , Oliver; Zollo , Maurizio;
  • Publisher: Academy of Management
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.5465/AMR.2007.24351356
  • Subject: interest alignment | management | [SHS.GESTION.STRAT]Humanities and Social Sciences/Business administration/domain_shs.gestion.strat | Competitive advantage | interest alignment; competitive advantage | personnel management | [ SHS.GESTION.STRAT ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Business administration/domain_shs.gestion.strat
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Cahier de Recherche du Groupe HEC Paris, n° 823/2005; This paper articulates a theory of the conditions under which the alignment between individual and collective interests generates sustainable competitive advantage. The theory is based on the influence of tacitness, ... View more
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