Industrial Security – a Component of the Production Operational Management

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Ilie GHEORGHE ; Roxana STEFANESCU (2005)
  • Journal: Economia. Seria Management, volume 8, issue 2 December, pages 90-97
  • Subject: Industrial organization;Security; Production management
    • jel: jel:L16 | jel:K22 | jel:M11

The problem of the industrial objectives security imposes as a fundamental condition of economic efficiency. This is why is necessary the elaboration of a new concept regarding industrial security. This concept must integrate quality problems, with technological and ecological characteristics of the industrial objective with the security problems of the business environment and to protect physical and informational objective against fires or natural calamities. Another role of the new industrial security concept consists of diminution the consequences of undesired events and rapid reestablishment of production capacities.
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