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Russian Energy Strategy and development of renewable power industry

Bazhanov, Andrei; Tyukhov, Igor;
Open Access
  • Published: 21 May 2008
We consider two scenarios of the development of renewable power industry in Russia on an example of the Dasgupta-Heal-Solow-Stiglitz model. We assume that the resource rent is being invested into capital in the form of renewable power technologies according to the standard Hartwick saving rule. We use the modified Hotelling rule that reflects externalities implying, in particular, growing rates of oil extraction. We have shown that the growing extraction, prescribed by the Russian Energy Strategy (RES), implies growth of capital and the corresponding growth of per capita consumption in the short run (about 13 years). However, this growth is not sustainable and f...
free text keywords: renewable energy; sustainable growth; Russian Energy Strategy, jel:Q32, jel:O13, jel:Q01, jel:P28

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