International Trade Crisis

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Popa Diana;
  • Journal: strategy, product policy, entrepreneur, touristic products, services, volume XI, issue 1 May, pages 1,691-1,697
  • Subject: Doha Round, failure, commercial crisis, farm protectionism, North-South clash.
    • jel: jel:F53 | jel:F51 | jel:F13 | jel:G01

This article captures a brief history of the negotiations of the Doha Development Agenda (DDA), analyzes its deadlock and offers some suggestions for a successful Doha deal. First, this study shows that the nearly decade-long negotiation stalemate is caused by the oppos... View more
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    • Professor, PhD. Maurice Chenevoy, Directeur de l' Institute Universitaire Profesionalise, Universite D'Auvergne, Clermont 1, Clermont - Ferrand, France;

    • Professor, PhD. Jacky Mathonnat, Vice Recteur de L'Universite D'Auvergne, Clermont 1, Clermont - Ferrand, France;

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