Decision-making structures in US and Japanese manufacturing affiliates in the UK : some similarities and contrasts

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Dunning JH;
  • Subject: decision making, foreign enterprise, subsidiary, multinational enterprise, UK, role of USA, management attitude, role of Japan, industrial management, cultural factor, labour relations, production control, procurement, outsourcing, marketing, bibliography, statistical table, prise de décision, entreprise étrangère, filiale, entreprise multinationale, Royaume-Uni, rôle des Etats-Unis, attitude patronale, rôle du Japon, gestion industrielle, facteur culturel, relations de travail, contrôle de production, achats, externalisation des activités, marketing, bibliographie, tableau statistique, toma de decisiones, empresa extranjera, subsidiaria, empresa multinacional, Reino Unido, papel de los EUA, actitud de la dirección, papel del Japón, gestión industrial, factor cultural, relaciones laborales, control de la producción, aprovisionamiento, tercerización, mercadotecnia, bibliografía, cuadros estadísticos

ILO pub. Working paper, comparison of decision making process in foreign enterprise subsidiarys of American and Japanese multinational enterprise located in the UK - contrasts the role of USA management attitudes in the 1950s with role of Japanese industrial management ... View more
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    See J.H. Dunning: Japanese participation in UK Croom Helm, 1986); thereafter referred to as Dunning (1986). industry (London,

    ^ In 1955, 57.7 per cent of all United States manufacturing investment in Europe was in the United Kingdom, a slight decline on the 1951 figure of 58.1 per cent.

    ^ By June 1985, this number had increased to 37 and the numbers employed (including those in SP Tyres (previously Dunlop)) to over 14,000.

    9 in 1981/82 their R & D sales ratio world-wide was 3.1 per cent, nearly twice the average for all Japanese manufacturers.

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