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Amir Foroughi ; Nor Aishah Buang ; Mehrdokht Sherilou (2011)
  • Journal: Journal of Global Business and Economics, volume 3, issue 1 July, pages 187-195
  • Subject: Impulse buying, Shopping Enjoyment, Impulse Buying Tendency, In-store Browsing
    • jel: jel:M0
    acm: ComputingMilieux_MISCELLANEOUS

The subject of buying especially impulse buying for many marketing researchers is attractive and fascinating. Retailers interest in work in process of buying and create a situation to pursue individuals to purchase goods. The objectives of this study were to investigate: (a) to determine the level of impulse buying between Iranian( tourists ) in Malaysia, (b) To determine the influence of individuals deference variables such as shopping enjoyment and impulse buying tendency on latent constructs including in-store browsing and impulse buying among Iranians. In this study, structural equation model using a correlation matrix with maximum likelihood was estimated for examining the relationships among individual variables and in-store browsing by AMOS 18. Data were collected from Malaysia (Kuala- Lumpur) shopping centers (n = 120) where Iranian tourists often visit and buying goods. Data collected at two points in time (during pre -and post-shopping interviewed). Results revealed that the individual difference variables (shopping enjoyment and impulse buying tendency) were influence to the in store browsing and impulse buying.
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