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The Political Economy of Immigrationa and Income Redistribution

Jim Dolmas; Gregory W. Huffman;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 May 2003
In this paper, we study several general equilibrium models in which the agents in an economy must decide on the appropriate level of immigration into the country. Immigration does not enter directly into the native agents' utility functions, and natives have identical preferences over consumption goods. However, natives may be endowed with different amounts of capital, which alone gives rise to alternative levels of desired immigration. We show that the natives' preferences over desired levels of immigration are influenced by the prospect that new immigrants will be voting in the future, which may lead to higher taxation to finance government spending from which...
free text keywords: Capital mobility, immigration, political economy, taxation, voting, jel:D7, jel:F16, jel:F22, jel:J61

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