Competitiveness in the Southern Euro Area; France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain

Preprint OPEN
Bogdan Lissovolik; Julio Escolano; Stefania Fabrizio; Werner Schule; Herman Z Bennett; Stephen Tokarick; Yuan Xiao; Marialuz Moreno Badia; Eva Gutierrez; Iryna V. Ivaschenko;
  • Subject: Exchange rates;Exports;Competition;Spain;Portugal;Productivity;Resource allocation;International trade;Italy;Markets;Greece;Foreign investment;France;Foreign direct investment;Technological change;Competitiveness, export structure, product quality, services exports, outsourcing, value-added, technological intensity, restructuring, growth, industry and trade, services and trade, market concentration, market entry and exit, real effective exchange rate, export market, export growth, export markets, export market share,

This collection of studies analyzes developments in nonprice external competitiveness of France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. While France, Italy, and Portugal have experienced substantial export market share losses, Greece and Spain performed relatively well. Ex... View more
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