Fast Food As An Actual Form Of Modern Gastronomic Culture

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Irina V. Sokhan;
  • Subject: gastronomic culture, gastronomic practices, fast food, food technologies, culinary and gastronomic order, corporeality; power; identity.
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This article analyzes the actual gastronomic practice of fast food. Traditional gastronomic culture is undergoing transformations in the modern world. New gastronomic scares are developing that are related to an inability to predict ingredients in consumed foods. Fast f... View more
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    Sokhan'I. V. (2011) Totalitarnyy proekt gastronomicheskoy kul'tury (na primere stalinskoy epokhi 1920-1930-kh gg.) [Totalitarian Project of Gastronomic Culture: The Case of the Stalin's Period of 1920-1930 Years], Tomsk: TGU (in Russian).

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