Violence at work in hotels, catering and tourism

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Hoel, Helge; Einarsen, Ståle;
  • Subject: stress, violence, working conditions, management strategy, hotel industry, catering, tourism, developed countries, developing countries, sexual harassment, bullying at work, economic implication, stress, violence, conditions de travail, stratégie de gestion, hôtellerie, restauration, tourisme, pays développés, pays en développement, harcèlement sexuel, persécution au travail, conséquences économiques, estrés, violencia, condiciones de trabajo, estrategia de gestión, hotelería, restauración, turismo, países desarrollados, países en desarrollo, acoso sexual, acoso laboral, consecuencias económicas

Reviews the relevant literature on experiences of stress and violence and their interactions within the hotel, catering and tourism industry. Examines conditions that may be conducive to violence and stress at work, investigates the extent of the problem, identifies vul... View more
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