Structuring a Multiproduct Sales Quota-Bonus Plan for a Heterogeneous Sales Force: A Practical Model-Based Approach

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Murali K. Mantrala; Prabhakant Sinha; Andris A. Zoltners; (1994)
  • Journal: Marketing Science,volume 13,issue 2,pages121-144
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1287/mksc.13.2.121
  • Subject: sales force research, sales quota-bonus plans, principal-agent model, heterogeneous sales-people, salesperson utility function, conjoint analysis

This paper presents an agency theoretic model-based approach that assists sales managers in determining the profit-maximizing structure of a common multiproduct sales quota-bonus plan for a geographically specialized heterogeneous sales force operating in a repetitive b... View more
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