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Morganosky, Michelle A.; Cude, Brenda J.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2001
Consumer behavior in the context of online food retail channels is analyzed. The research is a follow-up to an earlier study conducted in early 1998 on consumer response to online food shopping. In the 1998 study (N=243), a majority of the sample (51 percent) were "new" users of online food shopping (<6 months); 35 percent were "intermediate" users (1-6 months); and only 14 percent were "experienced" users (>6 months). In contrast, the new user segment in the follow-up study (N=412) was 29 percent; the intermediate segment was 28 percent; and the experienced group was 43 percent. Demographic profiles and shopping behaviors of respondents in the two studies are c...
Medical Subject Headings: health care economics and organizationstechnology, industry, and agriculture
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