Hydrological challenges to groundwater trading: lessons from south-west Western Australia

Preprint OPEN
Skurray, James H. ; Roberts, E.J. ; Pannell, David J. (2013)
  • Subject: Groundwater trading, water markets, institutions, sustainable yield, externalities, consumptive pool., Agricultural and Food Policy, Environmental Economics and Policy, Institutional and Behavioral Economics, Land Economics/Use, Political Economy, Public Economics, Resource /Energy Economics and Policy, D02;Q15;Q25;Q28;Q38;Q56;Q57;Q58;R52;H41;H23;H11,

Perth, Western Australia (pop. 1.6m) derives 60% of its public water supply from the Gnangara groundwater system (GGS). Horticulture, domestic self-supply, and municipal parks are other major consumers of GGS groundwater. The system supports important wetlands and groun... View more
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