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An Assessment of the UN's Millennium Development Goals and its Millennium Declaration

Tisdell, Clement A.;
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  • Published: 01 Nov 2006
The United Nations’ Millennium Declaration, passed by the General Assembly in September 2000, is assessed with particular attention being given to the Millennium Development Goals and associated targets outlined in the Declaration. The focus of the article is not so much on the extent to which these goals are being met but on the adequacy of the Declaration itself. The fundamental values outlined in the Declaration are listed and assessed. The Millennium Development Goals are means for the attainment of these values, along with some other objectives specified in the Declaration. Both sets of objectives are examined, with most attention being given to the Millenn...
free text keywords: United Nations' Millennium Development Goals, environmental sustainability, poverty eradication, Africa, Community/Rural/Urban Development, Environmental Economics and Policy, International Development, International Relations/Trade, Labor and Human Capital,
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33 references, page 1 of 3
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