The Evolution of E-Recruiting: A Content Analysis of Fortune 100 Career Web Sites

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In Lee (2005)
  • Journal: Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO), volume 3, issue 3 July, pages 57-68
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.4018/jeco.2005070104
  • Subject:
    acm: ComputingMilieux_THECOMPUTINGPROFESSION

Given hyper-competition and rapid environmental changes, one of the most critical sources of competitive advantage is attracting and retaining talented workers. E-recruiting is one of the most rapidly growing areas of e-business. To promote an understanding of the use of e-recruiting technologies and management practices utilized by leading business organizations, this study investigates the evolution of e-recruiting systems and analyzes the corporate career Web sites of Fortune 100 companies. Thirty-three attributes that characterize corporate career Web sites were identified, named, and organized around four major categories: recruiting methods, job search tools, job application tools, and information on organizational attributes. While all Fortune 100 companies practice e-recruiting, our content analysis indicates that most of them need to further develop the e-recruiting system in order to improve their recruiting performance.
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