Modeling information technology effectiveness

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Aleksander Lotko (2005)
  • Journal: Operations Research and Decisions, volume 1, pages 43-52
  • Subject: modeling effectiveness, information systems

Numerous cases of systems not bringing expected results cause that investments in information technology are treated more and more carefully and are not privileged amongst others. This gives rise to the need for applying costs–effect calculations. Modeling IT effectiveness is a procedure which helps to bring system complexity under control. By using proper measures it is possible to perform an objective investment appraisal for projects under consideration. In the paper, a framework of methodology of modeling information technology used by the author to evaluate the effectiveness of information technology projects for management supporting systems is presented. The classification of main streams in IT investment appraisal is given over. The division of costs generated and benefits brought by IT investments is discussed. Then, premises, rules and clues concerning creation and implementation of IT effectiveness models are mentioned.
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