Movie reviews: Who are the readers?

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Jose Ignacio Azuela Flores; Victor Fernandez-Blanco; Maria Jose Sanzo-Perez;
  • Subject: critics, movie reviews, critic readers, influenced, predicted
    • jel: jel:Z11

The analysis of the relationship between movie reviews and consumer's decision process has focused mainly on the side of critics, who have been defined as "influencers" or as "predictors" (Eliashberg & Shugan, 1997). Also, new ways to measure the impact of the critic ha... View more
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    Azuela-Flores, J., Fernández-Blanco, V., & Sanzo-Pérez, M. (2012). The effect of critic review on movie demand. Contaduría y Administración, 57(2), 201-222.

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