Impact of flexible scheduling on employee performance regarding stress and work-family conflict

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Raja Abdul Ghafoor Khan ; Furqan Ahmad Khan ; Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan ; Mohsin Shakeel (2011)
  • Journal: Far East Journal of Psychology and Business, volume 4 No 3 Paper 1 September, issue 1 September, pages 1-14
  • Subject: Work-family conflict, flexible scheduling, work-family balance, employee performance
    • jel: jel:M1

Stress, work-family conflicts and flexible scheduling are three of the most important elements in organizational studies. The focus of current study is to understand the effect of Stress,work family conflicts and flexible scheduling on employee’s performance and also to understand whether flexible scheduling helps in reducing stress and work-family conflicts or not. The back bone of this study is the secondary data comprised of comprehensive literature review. A survey has also been conducted to strengthen the idea comprising of a sample of 70 employees from different organizations. 53 of them responded and the respond rate was 75%. Descriptive statistics is used to analyze the data. Results show that stress and work family conflict negatively affect the employee performance and flexible scheduling has a positive effect on employee performance. Primary study as well as literature review showed that flexible scheduling also helps in reducing stress and work-family conflicts. However, results are strongly based on the literature review i.e. secondary data.
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